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Providing the most modern and comfortable study method was always one of ESCC's main objectives. In each of our countries new application programs have been developed in order to offer not only useful and valuable courses and knowledge, but also easy access to educational services from all over the world.

Special online applications have been implemented additionally to the course packages in order to offer more interactivity and a more dynamic way of learning.

Customized applications for homework assignments and final tests have been developed in each of our countries. Thus students could benefit from e-learning advantages in the best terms.

A lot of online services are available for all our students, most of them free of charge, making thus the study process even easier.

We will continue to innovate and to be part of the new technological era. The mobile market is one of the newest challenges and we face it with great passion. New applications for smart phones will be launched soon as a proof of our commitment to offering education in the most modern communication means.

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