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Study method

study method

The ESCC study method is based on a long-standing experience combined with the latest insights from educational psychology and cutting edge online communication and learning technologies. Course development procedures are derived from an established body of knowledge within ESCC, which guarantees constant quality.

Students receive lesson packages by mail which contains books, CDs or DVDs, homework assignments and additional learning materials.
Learning materials have been designed according to a specific didactical method which gives students fast results and keeps them motivated.
A large network of specialized teachers takes care of homework correction and student support.

ESCC thinks local and acts global. Part of the success of ESCC is obtained by working with local staff. This means that ESCC is able to adapt its services to country-specific needs and demands.

Local demands are met in close cooperation with experts from the worldwide ESCC network. In total ESCC employs about 400 people worldwide. In addition to this staff, ESCC also cooperates with hundreds of teachers who work in order to ensure students support during the entire course duration and to correct homework assignments and final tests.

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